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Decision Intelligence (DI) powers your company to make data-driven decisions around your products. DI starts with validating ideas with stakeholders, then planning with a rich data set, and finally tracking product development progress against company goals. DI closes the loop so that the entire product journey is data driven.

Obo DI apps translate and enhance Jira data so that everyone in your company can make informed business decisions critical to product success. The Obo Suite is made up of four Decision Intelligence applications that seamlessly integrate with Jira. Use them individually or collectively to help optimize your company’s product journey.

Time to productivity is less than 10 minutes for each app - including Jira setup. Supports both Jira Cloud and Data Center/Server. Try it yourself - no platform required. Make Jira work for your with Obo Decision Intelligence apps.

Track Jira Progress and Changes

Obo Reveal is the one dashboard you need to track development progress and change. Track issues - and change - anywhere in Jira against the objectives you care about – such as feature or product releases, specific customer requests, or company themes and initiatives. Make Jira data work for everyone in the organization with Obo Reveal. Setup takes literally minutes.

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The Ultimate Jira Sprint Dashboard

Welcome to your personal view of Jira Sprints. Obo Tracker shows what's at risk and what needs your immediate attention. See assignments and @mentions for you and each team member. Set custom alerts for the changes that matter to you - no more slogging through Jira notifications. Know which issues moved and where they went. Setup takes less than a minute.

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Get Fast Feedback on Priorities

When you have lots of stakeholders - from customers to internal teams - you need to resolve conflicting priorities with actionable data, not more meetings. Use Obo Priority to get easy-to-compare input from stakeholders and customers on their preferences. Push priority data to Jira to share with the team.

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Data-Driven Planning

Use Obo Organize to organize plans, initiatives, tasks, and more with drag-and-drop cards that contain the data you need to sharpen your competitive edge. Illustrate the “why” behind the “what." And with the help of Obo Priority, customer and stakeholder input and buy-in are built-in. Import items from Jira or spreadsheet - and update Jira with your final plans.

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