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What is Obo?

Created by product people for product people, Obo is a product decision system that guides you to make the best decisions about what’s in your product plans and on your roadmap. You can manage the Feature FunnelTM, validate assumptions with targeted market research, prioritize features, model “what if” release plan scenarios before committing resources, collaborate across the entire product team, and track product decisions with a comprehensive system of record.

Curate product feature ideas, then decide which make it into your plans

Optimize plans with data-driven prioritization and “what if” modeling

Validate assumptions
with fast, focused,
integrated surveys

Track product information in a comprehensive, searchable system of record

Data guides product success.
Start your journey.

Learn how to make better, faster product decisions and increase product success.

What we do

With Obo, product teams can quickly and easily map product plans to both internal priorities and market needs. Obo helps you organize, guide, prioritize, and validate everything that goes into your product plans, so you can make data-driven decisions before you commit valuable engineering and development resources. And, you can share every step of the product decision process with key stakeholders: executives, sales, marketing, services, and even customers and prospects.

Why it matters

Studies show that most products fail to meet expectations. Why? Because many product teams lack the resources to get sufficient input from key stakeholders or from their target customers. They’ve had to rely on ad hoc processes and disconnected tools, and make too many decisions based on opinions. And it's a struggle to communicate across disparate groups of stakeholders. Until now.

How it works

The Obo product decision system lets you create business drivers that serve as a "common currency" you use to evaluate ideas and features . You can manage your Feature FunnelTM from idea to committed plan, with integrated stakeholder or market surveys to gauge feature preferences; a data-driven prioritization engine that supports sophisticated "what if" scenario modeling; and contextual collaboration that allows the entire product team to participate. Obo also captures every step in the product process in a comprehensive, searchable system of record.

“The value of Obo lies in having data to back up your product release plan—that you can then share with peers and executives to communicate why these features should be launched in this order. Your conversations are much easier when they’re based on data rather than (potentially competing) opinions.” — Product Director


What's in it for you?

Prioritize highest-value features most likely to achieve business objectives.

Rely on data rather than opinions, so you  make rock-solid product decisions. 

Track the “why” behind every product feature, from idea to release.

Navigate, negotiate, and make product decisions with confidence.

Use sophisticated “what if” modeling to compare  different plan or release scenarios.

Simplify and speed sharing of critical product information with the entire enterprise.

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The product journey is arduous. To put your best product forward,TM you must formulate the right strategy, then execute plans while you navigate a challenging landscape, inhabited by myriad stakeholders—each with their own agenda. Be strong. Success is coming.

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