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The Ultimate Jira Dashboard for Product Managers


Getting blindsided by delays and changes "hidden" in Jira details? Jira is built for engineers, not Product Managers. We built Obo TrackerTM to make Jira work for you.

Obo Tracker reveals what's really happening in Jira—the way you need to see it:

  • What's at risk and needs your attention now
  • Alerts of changes you care about, with instant drill-down to details
  • What changed when that could block progress
  • Which issues moved out of Sprints—and when

All with fast, secure setup using your existing Jira Cloud permissions—no Jira Admin required. You'll be up and running with your data in minutes.


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You'll never be blindsided by Jira changes again.

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Immediately see what's at risk

Know where to focus:

  • Issues recently assigned to you
  • Comments that @ mention you
  • Issues that moved or were delayed, and when those changes occurred
  • Are sprints on track to complete what's on your roadmap
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OT Alerts on Changes

Get alerts on what matters to you

Over 90% of Jira change notifications are meaningless to Product Managers. Obo Tracker's custom alerts reveal what matters to you. Drill down to details only when needed, and skip the Jira notification email overload.

OT New History

Understand present and past

Obo Tracker provides a history of Jira issue-level changes, such sprint assignment, effort estimates, and issue assignments. View sprints side-by-side and see which epics were moved and removed to instantly spot delivery risks.

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Checking your Jira dashboard

Connect to Jira Cloud in a snap

If you can log into Jira Cloud, you're good to go! Set-up is simple and secure using your existing Jira permissions—without help from your Jira admin.


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Setup is simple and secure, no Jira admin required. Give it a try and make Jira Cloud work for you. You'll never be blindsided by Jira changes again.


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Using Obo to plan our new product release, I saved 20 hours of meetings, got more participation, and got my product plan approved faster.
Senior product manager @ Enterprise AI software company
Obo Organize
I could run these Obo Value Surveys all day!
Product Manager @ Global Tech Company
Obo Value Surveys
Obo enabled us to directly tie customer needs to feature improvements, enabling more educated product decisions and resource commitments.
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Houman Behzadi
Chief Product Officer
The value of Obo lies in having data to back up your product release plan that you can then share with peers and executives to communicate why these features should be launched in this order. Those conversations are much easier when they're based on data.
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Brian Peck
VP of Product Management