We translate Jira Speak into Business Speak

The Obo Story

We’re passionate product people. Collectively, we have decades of experience at companies like Apple, PayPal, eBay, Google, and Oracle, plus others you’ve heard of and start-ups you haven’t. Over our careers we have collectively released hundreds of products—some with great success and others, not so much. No matter the outcome, we’ve learned from every release. 

We have all been working with Jira ever since it came out in 2002. It has been a classic love-hate relationship. Jira is like family to us. It comes with both good and bad. For years we struggled to present the invaluable information in it in a way that folks outside engineering could comprehend. That led to the birth of our Decision Intelligence (DI) products for Jira. With DI, Jira and the rest of the corporate team can live in harmony. We finally have the perfect family.

Everyone at Obo loves to serve as a guide on product journeys. CEO Pete Sinclair built his own high-performance plane that he flies himself—and has taught others to do the same. 

There’s no overall playbook for business success. But we’re here to help you use Jira to your absolute best business advantage. Share your ideas with us so we can build the next Decision Intelligence apps that make Jira work better for you. And then we’ll write that playbook together.


What is an Obo?

An Obo is a Tibetan name for a stack of stones, often found in Himalayan mountain passes, that marks a traveling path and guides shepherds to take their flocks to water and ultimately, safe passage. We like to think Obo apps help guide our product journey in a metaphorically similar way.