About us

We're all about You!


Our story

We’re product people. Collectively, we have decades of experience at companies like Apple, PayPal, eBay, Google, Oracle, plus others you’ve heard of and start-ups you haven’t.


We’re united by a passion for creating great products.   Over our careers we have collectively released hundreds of products - some with great success - and our share of smoking craters.  No matter the outcome, we always strived to do it better the next time.


Everyone at Obo loves to build things. CEO Pete Sinclair built his own high-performance plane that he flies himself—and is still around to talk about it. CTO Mike Eynon is a car buff who rebuilds vintage cars, like Corvettes that are older than he is. He’s also a pilot, as is our VP of Engineering Sundar Raj. Co-founder Dale Sakai has fun building strategies (we are working on getting him a new hobby). 


We learn every day, and we love what we do. 

There’s no playbook for product success. We’re here to help you get you there. Share your ideas with us so we can build the Power Tools that you need to make Jira work better for you. And then we’ll write that playbook together.

An obo is a guide

An obo is a stone pile, used as a way-finding guide in Tibetan and Mongolian folk-religious practice. Most obos mark safe routes through high mountain passes, where terrain and conditions are often treacherous. Sorta like the tough terrain and conditions that companies face every day.


Obo Power Tools empower companies to excel by making better products faster.