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Our story

We founded Obo to address the problem of high product failure rates. After conducting research with over 2000 companies, we discovered that up to 80% of new products fail, primarily due to three key issues: insufficient market need, ad-hoc methodologies, and poor collaboration and communication.

We built the Obo Product Cloud to enable product teams to create validated, agile product plans and roadmaps that get approval and buy-in, so you can put your best product forward.


How is Obo different?

Obo Product Cloud for agile product management addresses the top reasons that products fail—so your products and teams succeed.

Fast, focused research guides product decisions with high-quality input from stakeholders, customers, and your market

Agile planning, prioritization, and what-if scenarios show the impact of tradeoffs in real time so you can respond to change, fast

Dynamic roadmaps show what, when, and why behind product decisions, and build buy-in and alignment around objectives

Obo's searchable system of record gives visibility into product planning, progress, and outcomes—from idea to impact


Obo is your guide to product success

It's even in our name, Obo. An obo is a stone heap, used as a wayfinding guide, altar, or shrine in Tibetan and Mongolian folk-religious practice. Most obos mark safe routes through high mountain passes, where terrain and conditions are often treacherous. The Obo Product Cloud guides product teams on their journey to success.


Our values


We are passionate product people.


We achieve more together than we can alone.


We look out for our customers.


We build the best products in the market.

Data > opinion

We believe facts matter.


We experiment and try new things.


Our leadership team

We're passionate product people who love creating and helping others create great products.


Pete Sinclair


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Jackie Holen

Product Marketing


Dale Sakai



Sundar Raj



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Mike Eynon





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