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Customer Success Director

Obo has created a SaaS system that solves the problem that eight of ten new products fail. With Obo’s “market-first” approach, product teams validate product plans prior to committing engineering resources, reducing the risk of failure. Customers use Obo to manage the Feature FunnelTM from hundreds of raw ideas to the refined and validated set that makes it into their product plans. The Obo system includes a rich historical repository, objective-based feature categorization, on-demand market and product research surveys, and a sophisticated “what if” release planning optimization engine. All wrapped in a collaboration layer, so that all members of the product team can see and participate in the process.

With a SaaS business model, our customers pay us over time. This means that our longterm viability and profitability depend on ensuring Customer Success. We will only be successful if customers gain value from using Obo to deliver market-first products and services. That’s why we are looking for a seasoned, senior professional to define and drive success for Obo customers, build and grow a world-class Customer Success team, and ensure we can scale effectively. You will be responsible for identifying, defining, building, and measuringall customer success programs and activities, including onboarding, implementation,support, services, adoption, advocacy, retention, and outcomes (renewals, add-ons, etc.).

You are:

  • Determined: You are a customer success fanatic. You know that Obo can only be successful if we make sure our customers are successful.
  • Collaborative: You are both a team leader and a team player, always focused on the right outcome, for customers and for Obo.
  • Adventurous:You create new ways to engage with and delight our customers. You forge new paths to success. You turn the Obo customer journey into an exciting, fulfilling, and motivating adventure.
  • Data driven:You set and beat goals. You measure outcomes so you can understand what matters most to customers. You use data to make decisions.
  • Passionate: You love working with and for Obo’s customers. Youbelieve in Obo’s vision and mission. You thrive when you engage with Sales and create opportunities with the right potential customers.

You will:

  • Own and drive Customer Success outcomes and results:
    • Increase renewal rates
    • Reduce churn
    • Grow revenue via cross- and up-sell
    • Increase lifetime value by driving higher product adoption, customer satisfaction (NPS), and overall health scores
    • Grow new business by increasing customer advocacy and referenceability
  • Define the customer lifecycle, then optimize it.
    • Map out the ideal customer journey.
    • Pinpoint the key moments or way stations along that journey (e.g., login rates, usage rates, support interactions, satisfaction scores, etc.).
    • Standardize and document process and approach for each stage of the journey.
    • Identify opportunities for continuous improvement.
    • Understand, adopt, and contribute to industry best practices .
  • Develop and mage Customer Success programs and activities.
    • Onboarding
    • Education, training, and certification
    • Implementation and professional services
    • Customer support
    • Customer Success management
    • Renewal
    • Cross- and up-sell
    • Community, advocacy (including referenceability), and evangelism
  • Define metrics and measure and report on Customer Success.
    • Define operational metrics for team and programs
    • Establish system for tracking metrics using
    • Create dashboards and establish cadence for review both within team and across company
    • Establish KPIs and key metrics to report out on to executive team, company and board monthly and/or quarterly.
  • Build and lead world-class Customer Success organization
    • Recruit and hire stellar Customer Success Managers
    • Attract high potential individual contributors as well as future managers Create fast-track onboarding process for new hires
    • Foster collaboration within team and across all lines of business
    • Build continuous learning culture within team, supported with methodology and plans
  • Leverage technology to increase effectiveness and enable scale.
    • Establish Salesforce as CRM center for key Support functions and programs
    • Enhance capabilities with add-on Customer marketing applications/tools if/as needed, such as:
      • Reference and advocacy applications/tools
      • Community platform
  • Instill a Customer Success culture across the company
    • Create a company-wide culture that centers on Customer Success.
    • Align and partner with Marketing to market to existing customers.
    • Align and partner with the Product team to influence product plans.
    • Align and partner with Sales to up- and cross-sell existing customers, and to sell with a Customer Success focus that drives retention.
    • Align and plan with the Executive Team around key metrics and objectives
    • Define (with data) the ideal customer profile and shareacross the company.
    • Develop effective, company-wide customer feedback loops.

Required experience and skills:

Minimum of five years of experience managing and leadingCustomer Success programs in the technology industry (preferably B2B), ideally with background in both Sales and post-Sales.

  • Strong, proven collaboration skills, including the ability to influence and lead through persuasion, negotiation, and consensus building.
  • Passion for Customer Success, combined with passion for building revenue opportunities and driving growth.
  • Understanding of key customer value drivers in SaaS business with recurring revenue business model.
  • Strong organizational skills backed by an analytical and process-oriented approach.
  • Enthusiasm and dedication to continuous learning and improvement.
  • Empathetic, creative leader with the ability to motivate others.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Proven storytelling and presentation skills.
  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent; preference for computer science or related degrees or experience.

Obo offers competitive compensation and benefits, including comprehensive medical, dental, vision, 401K, commuter, and unlimited PTO.