Obo SSO Setup


Follow these steps to configure your IDP to work with Obo. Obo utilizes industry standard SAML2 in partnership with Auth0 for enabling SSO integration. These instructions should apply to any SSO IDP. If you have any questions about setting up SSO, please contact mike@obo.pm 

  1. Add the Obo application with “SAML2.0” as the authentication method, and “Web” as the platform
  2. If applicable with your IDP, set the Recipient URL and the Destination URL the same
  3. Set the name ID format and application username to “email”
  4. Enter the Obo single sign-on URL and audience URI provided to you by Obo 
  5. Set up user attribute statements
    - First Name
    - Last Name
  6. Add individual user permissions for Obo access to your IDP