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How to develop a product strategy

Source: This is product management.™
The term “product strategy,” much like the entire role of product management, means different things at different companies.

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January 24, 2019
Obo launches with $8.2 million in funding to foster “Succeed Faster” mindset in product innovation
January 24, 2019
Obo invents product decision system that delivers better product plans in 60 minutes or less
January 24, 2019
The customer is not always right: Obo survey shows the need for market data during the product journey

Blog: Stepping stones

Through Google Glass, darkly

By Audrey Michels February 13, 2019
Revolutionizing the way we connect to each other through technology is a gargantuan task.[1] But that's the goal of Google X's projects, including its 2013 flop, Google Glass. How did Google,…

Not so fast, Netflix!

By Audrey Michels February 8, 2019
It’s hard enough to change your business model without upsetting customers, but changing your business model by dividing the services you offer and requiring customers to make an additional account…

Facebook: Home alone?

By Audrey Michels February 6, 2019
You might not remember this one because Facebook has had bigger headlines recently, but back in April of 2013 Facebook announced Facebook Home, a version of Facebook as your phone’s…