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Translate Jira Data into Deliverables

Jira does a great job of managing development from Epics down to Tasks. But you deliver product releases. While it’s possible to juggle multiple Jira issues across teams & Sprints, aligning progress to corporate objectives is anything but intuitive in Jira. Obo Reveal maps Jira data to your business goals, so you can report progress to the entire company, empowering each area to more successfully deliver. It also tracks daily changes in Jira, so you can see what was added and deleted, and how that affects your release goals.

For example, you have a major product release coming up. It has multiple new features, each built by different teams spanning multiple sprints. Using Obo Reveal to track all of this takes only minutes. Just select the Jira filters that define the issues that comprise each feature. That's it - Obo Reveal does the rest. Obo Reveal gives everyone a summary view of progress and change, in a language each understands.

Track Progress Across Multiple Projects

Managing multiple teams and multiple Jira Projects is challenging in Jira. Each team/project may even use Jira to different degrees, making your job even harder. And adding change management into the mix adds yet another level of complexity. This all makes measuring progress toward deliverables, such as releases, a near impossibility.  

Until Obo Reveal. It lets you easily track progress and change across your entire Jira instance. It gathers all the issues needed to deliver against your goals and presents them in a coherent dashboard that gives you just the information you need - without the noise. See and drill down into daily changes. Track scope creep over time - across multiple teams. Setup literally takes minutes - just pick the Jira filters that define your goals. Obo Reveal does the rest. Get the picture into Jira you have always wanted with Obo Reveal.

Track Progress Against Product Goals

Most Product Managers deliver features, releases, & products – not Epics and Stories. And your delivery cadence isn’t necessarily defined by Sprints, especially if the issues that comprise your deliverables span multiple Sprints & development teams. Obo Reveal lets you assemble sets of Jira issues that define your goals so you can easily track their progress. You can also monitor change on a daily basis, so scope creep doesn't become a last-minute surprise.

For example, you have a new feature created by 10 Epics: 3 built by the backend team, 5 by the UX team, & 2 by Product Marketing on a Kanban. With Obo Reveal, you select these Epics either manually or with a Jira filter, name the view, & set a target date. The app gives you a real-time view into the status of your feature, and highlights what is blocking progress. So you can avoid surprises.

If you use Jira Align or Advanced Roadmaps, Obo Reveal has you covered. It automatically recognizes Jira Themes and Initiatives and orders your Jira data accordingly - and automatically.

Sync Promotions with Development

To maximize your marketing programs’ power, you have to time them perfectly with development. The language of Engineering can make it hard to track where things are. Epics & Sprints are great to make Engineering more agile, but you need to know when the releases, features, & products will be ready for delivery so you can plan. Obo Reveal gives you those answers in real-time—using the business terms you use every day.

For example, you patiently wait on 4 new features for one of your products. Multiple Engineering teams are building them across several Epics. You use a marketing Kanban in Jira to track your team’s tasks. Obo Reveal lets you group Engineering & marketing issues into features, then group the features into a release. So you can track development progress against your work. All in a language your team understands.

Match Dev Plans with Sales Targets

Your deal closes are waiting on feature completion. But getting accurate progress data from development is challenging. Its system of record—Jira—speaks their language: Sprints, Epics, Tasks. You need to know when the feature will be ready. Compound this language gap with multiple development teams & Sprints. Getting the answers you need feels nearly impossible. Until Obo Reveal.

Obo Reveal translates development tasks into the sales goals you are tracking. For example, monitor progress on a set of features for one customer, and a different set for another. Obo Reveal gives you real-time insight into where things stand, so you can communicate accurate expectations to your customers, partners, & sales team. Stay in front of development schedules from now on.

Keep Your Customers Informed

Customers are waiting on fixes & features. The scheduling answers are in Jira, but sorting through Jira notifications &  tracking all of the issues that compose a feature – often across multiple engineering groups & Sprints – is time-consuming at best. And mind-numbing at worst. There must be a better way to organize Jira data by customer, which is how you need it.

There is now. Obo Reveal lets you track development progress against the issues you care about. Select a set of Jira issues that one of your customers is waiting for—no matter where in Jira they are or who is working on them. Obo Reveal shows you real-time progress against the group – & alerts you when issues move or are blocked. Create multiple groups for each of your customers. Communicate actual progress in real-time. Obo Reveal. Goodbye surprises.

Track Forecasts Against Deliverables

Your company lives or dies based on updates & products shipped. Multiple departments depend on a development delivery forecast, and when deliveries slip they have to rework plans. The earlier they have visibility into delivery schedules, the sooner they can adjust course. But gleaning accurate delivery information from Jira, your Engineering system of record, is not easy. Until now.

Obo Reveal gives you real-time insight into development progress against your company objectives. It translates Jira-speak into goals, such as release dates, new product innovations, corporate promotional themes, and financial objectives. Progress is readily visible: no decoding ring required. Stay in front of development—and avoid being blindsided—with Obo Reveal.

Avoid Development Shocks

Development often seems like a black box to other groups. The language of Jira, while useful to Engineers tasked with building products, doesn’t easily translate to others charged with business objectives. Your company revolves around products, not Sprints & Epics. Obo Reveal tracks development progress against your specific goals, so you can execute more effectively & avoid surprises.

For example, one of your company goals is releasing a new product line. It’s being built by multiple teams over an extended period. Development talks about Epics & Sprints, but you need to know when the new line will be complete so that other company functions can plan accordingly. Obo Reveal lets you group select engineering tasks into features, & group those features into a new product line. Ob Reveal reports to you in real time about progress— and delays—towards delivering against your corporate goals. All in a language everyone understands.

Why Obo Reveal?

Reveal Your Hidden Power

Are you constantly trying to piece together enough information to accurately assess development progress and change - sometimes from across multiple teams? You made a big investment in Jira Software, and your development team may be more Agile as a result. But that doesn’t help other groups that depend on development performance to achieve their goals.

Enter Obo Reveal.


It’s a new Decision Intelligence app for Jira that takes the mystery out of development schedules. It gives you precise insights into the status of the specific issues you care about, and tracks change daily. No matter where the information is in Jira, or who is working on it. No more surprises.

Track development progress and changes against release commitments, new products, corporate objectives, customer feature deadlines, hot tech support issues, & more. Obo Reveal mines your Jira data and presents it in understandable, actionable language. No more guesswork. Everyone in the company can track development progress & act accordingly.

Setup takes literally minutes. And it's surprisingly affordable.

Give Obo Reveal a free 30-day test drive. Experience first-hand how everyone in your organization can stay current with the development progress they care about.

Why You Need It

Link Jira Data to your Business Goals
Get status on the specific Jira issues you care about
Status at a Glance
See the status of items you need to deliver on your goals
Accurate Progress Data

True rollup burndown charts based on count or points

Track Daily Changes

Manage scope creep with daily drill-down details


One Minute Jira Setup
Works with both Jira Cloud & Jira Data Center / Server

How To Use Obo Reveal

Obo Reveal FAQs

Why do I need Obo Reveal?

Jira is your system of record for product information. Your Development teams use Jira deconstruct product plans into discrete tasks. But tracking progress and changes, sometimes across multiple teams and multiple sprints, is challenging at best.

You need a simple and accessible way to track Development progress and changes. That's the power of Obo Reveal. It creates rich progress and change dashboards using Jira data. No more surprises!

How does it work?

Obo Reveal connects with Jira to give you real-time updates on the specific Jira issues you care about. It's your personal goals dashboard. No more guesswork or surprises. No more time spent trying to learn Jira to get the data you need.

Setup from start to finish takes literally minutes.

Obo Reveal provides two ways to create Views into your Jira Data. The easiest way is to simply select a Jira filter and let Obo Reveal do the rest. If you are not well versed in Jira filter creation, Obo Reveal provides a visual editor to select the Jira Epics, Themes, or Initiatives that you want to track. Obo Reveal continuously monitors Jira and summarizes the status of all of the selected issues and monitors them for change. With personal real-time updates on development progress, you have the data you need to ensure achievement of your goals.

What can I track?

Any deliverable that depends on work tracked in Jira.

  • Progress toward corporate objectives
  • Features in new releases
  • New products
  • Feature requirements to close sales deals
  • Features that existing customers are waiting for
  • Marketing programs
  • Priority bugs

If you use Jira to track development, Obo Reveal is the ideal way to monitor progress toward goals.

Which Jira Versions does it work with?

All Obo apps works with Jira Cloud and all Atlassian supported versions of Jira Data Center/Server. The built-in wizard will guide you through the setup. In most cases it takes less than a minute.

Obo Reveal inherits the security rules and permissions that are already set up for you in your Jira instance. If your Jira configuration is updated, Obo Reveal will immediately reflect those changes. Fast, simple, secure.

Are Obo products available in the Atlassian Marketplace?

Absolutely. Click here to check them out. However, you cannot purchase them through the Atlassian Marketplace. That's because the Marketplace requires purchasing the same number of licenses as one has Jira users. Obo allows you to buy only the licenses you need - starting with one - no matter how many Jira users you have. And all our products start with a 30-day free trial.

Is my Jira Data Secure?

You bet. Obo does not copy your Jira database. Rather, it fetches data in real-time to create your dashboard. Our use of Jira API tokens ensures that each Obo user is only able to see the Jira data they are authorized to access. And Obo Reveal never writes to your Jira database.

We are well on our way to obtaining our SOC 2 Compliance certificate. We have multiple customers in the Financial Services and Security spaces who put us through stringent security approval processes. In addition, our VP Eng and CTO each have 20+ years of management experience at security software companies, so they intimately know the risk landscape.

Here are some links on specifics:

If you have any security questions, please contact us.