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Translate Jira Data into Deliverables

Jira does a great job of managing development from Epics down to Tasks. But you deliver product releases. While it’s possible to juggle multiple Epics across teams & Sprints, aligning progress to corporate objectives is anything but intuitive in Jira. Obo Reveal lets you map Epics to your business goals, so you can report progress to the entire company, empowering each area to more successfully deliver.

For example, you have a major product release coming up. It has multiple new features, each built by different teams spanning multiple sprints. With Obo Reveal, you select the Epics that comprise each feature, then group those features into a release. Obo Reveal gives everyone a summary view of progress, in a language each understands.

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Track Progress Against Product Goals

Most Product Managers deliver features, releases, & products – not Epics. And your delivery cadence isn’t necessarily defined by Sprints, especially if the Epics that comprise your deliverables span multiple Sprints & development teams. Obo Reveal lets you assemble sets of Epics that define your goals so you can track their progress toward your goals.

For example, you have a new feature created by 10 Epics: 3 built by the backend team, 5 by the UX team, & 2 by Product Marketing on a Kanban. With Obo Reveal, you select these Epics, name them for your feature, & set a target date. The app gives you a real-time view into the status of your feature, and highlights what is blocking progress. So you can avoid surprises.

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Sync Promotions with Development

To maximize your marketing programs’ power, you have to time them perfectly with development. The language of Engineering can make it hard to track where things are. Epics & Sprints are great to make Engineering more agile, but you need to know when the releases, features, & products will be ready for delivery so you can plan. Obo Reveal gives you those answers in real-time—using the business terms you use every day.

For example, you patiently wait on 4 new features for one of your products. Multiple Engineering teams are building them across several Epics. You use a marketing Kanban in Jira to track your team’s tasks. Obo Reveal lets you group Engineering & marketing Epics into features, then group the features into a release. So you can track development progress against your work. All in a language your team understands.

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Match Dev Plans with Sales Targets

Your deal closes are waiting on feature completion. But getting accurate progress data from development is challenging. Its system of record—Jira—speaks their language: Sprints, Epics, Tasks. You need to know when the feature will be ready. Compound this language gap with multiple development teams & Sprints. Getting the answers you need feels nearly impossible. Until Obo Reveal.

Obo Reveal translates development tasks into the sales goals you are tracking. For example, monitor progress on a set of features for one customer, and a different set for another. Obo Reveal gives you real-time insight into where things stand, so you can communicate accurate expectations to your customers, partners, & sales team. Stay in front of development schedules from now on.

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Keep Your Customers Informed

Customers are waiting on fixes & features. The scheduling answers are in Jira, but sorting through Jira notifications &  tracking all of the issues that compose a feature – often across multiple engineering groups & Sprints – is time-consuming at best. And mind-numbing at worst. There must be a better way to organize Jira data by customer, which is how you need it.

There is now. Obo Reveal lets you track development progress against the issues you care about. Select a set of Epics that one of your customers is waiting for—no matter where in Jira they are or who is working on them. Obo Reveal shows you real-time progress against the group – & alerts you when issues move or are blocked. Create multiple groups for each of your customers. Communicate actual progress in real-time. Obo Reveal. Goodbye, surprises.

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Track Forecasts Against Deliverables

Your company lives or dies based on updates & products shipped. Multiple departments depend on a development delivery forecast, and when deliveries slip they have to rework plans. The earlier they have visibility into delivery schedules, the sooner they can adjust course. But gleaning accurate delivery information from Jira, your Engineering system of record, is not easy. Until now.

Obo Reveal gives you real-time insight into development progress against your company objectives. It translates Jira-speak into goals, such as release dates, new product innovations, corporate promotional themes, and financial objectives. Progress is readily visible: no decoding ring required. Stay in front of development—and avoid being blindsided—with Obo Reveal.

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Avoid Development Shocks

Development often seems like a black box to other groups. The language of Jira, while useful to Engineers tasked with building products, doesn’t easily translate to others charged with business objectives. Your company revolves around products, not Sprints & Epics. Obo Reveal tracks development progress against your specific goals, so you can execute more effectively & avoid surprises.

For example, one of your company goals is releasing a new product line. It’s being built by multiple teams over an extended period. Development talks about Epics & Sprints, but you need to know when the new line will be complete so that other company functions can plan accordingly. Obo Reveal lets you group select engineering tasks into features, & group those features into a new product line. Ob Reveal reports to you in real time about progress— and delays—towards delivering against your corporate goals. All in a language everyone understands.

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