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Are you constantly trying to piece together enough information to accurately assess release schedules - sometimes from multiple teams and sprints? You made a big investment in Jira Software, and your development team may become more Agile as a result. But that doesn’t help other groups that depend on development releases.

Enter Obo Reveal.

It’s a new Decision Intelligence app for Jira that takes the mystery out of development schedules. It gives you precise insights into the status of the specific issues you care about. No matter where the information is in Jira, or who is working on it. No more surprises.

Track development progress against release commitments, new products, corporate objectives, customer feature deadlines, hot tech support issues, & more. Obo Reveal mines your Jira data and presents it in understandable, actionable language. No more guesswork. Everyone in the company can track development progress & act accordingly.

Setup takes literally minutes. And it's surprisingly affordable.

Give Obo Reveal a free 30-day test drive. Experience first-hand how everyone in your organization can stay current with the development progress they care about.

Why You Need It

Link Jira Data to your Business Goals
Get status on the specific Jira issues you care about
Status at a Glance
See status of items you need to deliver on your goal
Accurate Progress Data

No more surprises when development runs behind

Who’s blocking? Why?
See which issues & team members impede progress
One Minute Jira Setup
Works with both Jira Cloud & Jira Server

And Much More. Seriously.

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