Your Obo Reveal Questions Answered

Why do I need Obo Reveal?

Jira is your system of record for product information. Your Development teams use Jira deconstruct product plans into discrete tasks. But connecting the Jira tasks back to business objectives, and measuring progress against those objectives, is challenging at best.

You need a simple and accessible way to track Development progress against business goals. That's the power of Obo Reveal. It connects your Jira data to your business objectives. It gets stakeholders involved in setting priorities to help ensure product market fit and enables concise development status to be part of every goal-related decision, no matter how complex your organization. No more surprises!

What goals can I track?

Any goal that depends on work tracked in Jira.

  • Progress toward corporate objectives
  • Features in new releases
  • New products
  • Feature requirements to close sales deals
  • Features that existing customers are waiting for
  • Marketing programs

If you use Jira to track development, Obo Reveal is the ideal way to monitor progress toward goals.

How does it work?

Obo Reveal connects with Jira to give you real-time updates on the specific issues you need completed to achieve your personal and corporate goals. It's your personal goals dashboard. No more guesswork or surprises. No more time spent trying to learn Jira to get the data you need to achieve your goals.

Obo Reveal provides two ways to create Views into your Jira Data. The easiest way is to simply select a Jira filter and let Obo Reveal do the rest. If you are not well versed in Jira filter creation, Obo Reveal provides a visual editor to connect your goals to the Jira tasks associated with them. Once you identify the connections, Obo Reveal continuously monitors Jira and summarizes the status of issues connected to your goals. With personal real-time updates on development progress, you have the data you need to ensure achievement of your goals.

How do I start using it?

Getting started takes only minutes. First, use the built-in Wizard to connect Obo to Jira Cloud or Server.

Next, create a View that corresponds to your goal. There are two options: Dynamic and Static. Dynamic Views are created by picking a Jira filter that selects the issues related to your goal.  Static Views allow you to choose which Jira Epics contribute to your goal. It's a simple process of selecting the Jira Epics that you want to track. Create multiple Views, one for each of your goals. You can group Views into Themes to track them against higher level objectives.

That's it. Obo Reveal does the rest. As the issues in Jira change, your View will automatically update. No more guessing about what used to be there, or what just changed.

How do I connect to Jira Cloud?

If you have Jira Cloud, you can connect Obo Reveal to Jira yourself in less than a minute . Just enter your Jira URL (you are on Jira Cloud if it contains .atlassian.net) on the Obo Reveal Jira setup page and follow the prompts. It’s really that easy – no Jira admin required.

How do I connect to Jira Server / Data Center?

If you have Jira Server (on-prem or Data Center), enter your Jira server URL (typically something like https://jira.mycompany.com) on the Obo Reveal Jira setup page and follow the prompts.

If your Jira Server is version 8.14 or greater, and your company firewall allows external apps to access your Jira server, you should be able to connect in less than a minute without Admin or IT help.

If you have an older Jira Server release (before 8.14), you may need to ask a Jira Admin to allow secure communication between the Obo and Jira servers. Obo Reveal's Jira setup Wizard guides you through the steps. If needed, details to share with IT are here.

Are Obo products available in the Atlassian Marketplace?

Absolutely. Click here to check them out.

Do I have to set up Jira permissions?

Obo Reveal inherits the security rules and permissions that are already set up for you in your Jira instance. If your Jira configuration is updated, Obo Reveal will immediately reflect those changes. Fast, simple, secure.

Is my data secure?

You bet. We have multiple customers in the Financial Services and Security spaces who put us through stringent security approval processes. In addition, our VP Eng and CTO each have 20+ years of management experience at security software companies, so they intimately know the risk landscape.

Here are some links on specifics:

If you have any security questions, please contact us.