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Jira is great for Engineers. But often other Product Team members struggle to see the big picture. That's why we built Obo Tracker. It shows you at a glance what is really going on within and across Sprints. It's the ideal project tracking tool for Product Teams.


Instantly see what's at risk in Jira—and where to focus now. Obo Tracker highlights what changed—and when—in Jira that affects you, such as Epics and Stories that move out of Sprints, blocked tickets, and @mention comments. You can even specify which Jira changes trigger alerts. Get a top-down view of Jira projects with Obo Tracker. Secure Jira setup is fast (less than a minute) and, for Jira Cloud, no admin required.

Your Custom Window Into Jira

Maintain the Momentum
Stay on top of discussions with all your @mentions in one place
Don’t be a Blocker
Get a snapshot of everything assigned to you & each of your team members
Zero the Surprises

Track tickets that move in/out of Sprints. Where they were & where they went

Rescue Your Inbox
Tame Jira notifications by customizing alerts for the properties important to you
Keep Things on Track
Get a roll-up snapshot of how Sprints are doing so you can take action when needed
Simple to Set Up
Connects to Jira in less than a minute. Works with Jira Server & Jira Cloud

Obo Tracker in a Minute

Obo Tracker FAQs

Why do I need Obo Tracker?

Ever had sprints go off the rails? It's painful. Unfinished stories, estimate changes, last-minute additions. Jira does a great job managing tasks. But you need a top-down view to quickly understand what is really going on to keep sprints on track.

That’s why we built Obo Tracker. It gives you the big picture:

  • Are we really on schedule
  • Which critical issue properties changed
  • What is blocked
  • What moved
  • What is stalled
  • How do I keep Execs informed
Setup takes less than a minute. Try it with your data or our demo data – no risk.

How does it work?

Obo Tracker creates a management-level dashboard of your Jira Projects. The process is fully automated. Just select your Jira project (and scrum board if the project has more than one). That's it. Obo Tracker will do all of the rest.

While Obo Tracker automatically creates a dashboard for you, you can customize it to your personal preferences:

  • Specify which issues you want to receive notifications for. Pick any property in Jira - including custom properties.
  • Select which Sprints you want to view - up to 8 at a time.
  • Select team members so you can see what they are blocking and what chat discussions they are having.

Which Jira Versions does it work with?

All Obo apps works with Jira Cloud and all Atlassian supported versions of Jira Data Center/Server. The built-in wizard will guide you through the setup. In most cases it takes less than a minute.

Obo Tracker inherits the security rules and permissions that are already set up for you in your Jira instance. If your Jira configuration is updated, Obo Tracker will immediately reflect those changes. Fast, simple, secure.

How is Obo Tracker different from Jira dashboards?

Obo Tracker is a combined dashboard and change alerting system that is prebuilt for managing Jira. It is specifically designed for team members that want the big picture and don't have time to custom build their own dashboards.