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Subscription FAQs

Do I need to enter a Credit Card to start a Free trial?

Absolutely not. Just an email address. We're offering 30 day free trials for a limited time, so give Obo products a try now and get Jira working for you!

Does everyone on my team need a license?

No. You don't need to adopt a platform or get group buy-in to use Obo apps. We designed each Obo app to work stand-alone.

Is there a difference in app capabilities between the subscription levels?

We personally loathe apps that throttle back functionality for smaller teams and single users. All of our apps offer full functionality no matter how big your team is - even if it is just you.

What personal information do I need to enter to sign up?

For the Free trial, just an email address. We respect your privacy. When it comes time to signing up for a paid subscription, your payment information will be securely processed by Stripe. No personal payment information is shared with or stored by Obo.

Can I cancel my subscription?

We won't hold you hostage. Easily turn off subscription renewal any time from within the app. No hassles.

Do you have Enterprise pricing and support?

Yes! We have Single Sign-on Support, Service Level Agreements, and volume discounts. Fill out the contact form or email

Do you offer Educational/Non-Profit discounts?

Yes. 50% off annual subscriptions. Fill out the contact form  or email us at

How long has Obo been around?

Obo started in 2016 in Silicon Valley. Our original mission was to empower product teams to deliver better products. In 2019, we saw that Jira was becoming the de-facto product system of record for companies. So we expanded our mission to empower companies to deliver better products faster by more effectively using the data in Jira to help achieve their goals.

What is an Obo?

It's a Tibetan word for a stack of stones along a trail that helps guide hikers. We like to think our Apps help guide companies on their product journey.