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Obo gives you the power to plan and manage your product in the world of fast-changing requirements and tough trade-offs. Easily gather, organize, and validate requirements from multiple sources and create winning product plans and roadmaps—all while monitoring progress and responding to change.

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Whether you manage products or manage a team of people managing products, Obo was built for you.


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Get organized—bring in your backlog from spreadsheets, Jira, wherever. Obo helps you determine and get buy-in for what to build when based on input.

Back decisions with data

Quickly gather and validate input from stakeholders, customers, and markets to gain insight, compare perspectives, and formulate high-impact product plans backed by data.

Roadmap responsively

Create roadmaps that are always up to date. Traditional roadmaps illustrate what you’ll release when—Obo roadmaps also communicate why features are in (or not).

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Get a complete view of your product plan, including what's happening at the release and sprint level, with bidirectional Jira integration. Understand risks, dependencies, and trade-offs

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