Why Obo?

Obo delivers the only product decision system designed to guide you to your best product plan:
The plan most likely to succeed in meeting both product market fit and your business objectives. 

Obo delivers the only product decision system designed
to guide you to your best product plan:
The plan most likely to succeed in meeting both your business objectives and market needs. 

Studies show that most products fail to meet expectations. Why? Product teams rely on disconnected and ad hoc tools and methodologies. They lack sufficient quantitative input from key stakeholders, and from the market. They struggle to collaborate. As a result, they make many decisions based on opinions, or worse, the loudest voice at the table. 

There is a better way.  With Obo.

We are passionate product people who have spent a collective 150+ years creating more than $100B in successful products. Everything we do is focused on helping you make successful products that meet your target market’s needs.   We’ve crafted the Obo Product Suite based on best practices to guide you to product success. And we’ll support you, every step of the way.

Discovery, validation, prioritization, and buy-in

Validate ideas and features with stakeholders and the market, assess potential feature value against your objectives, and identify any dependencies. Then estimate costs for planning. You focus on the features most likely to deliver product-market fit and business value. Some make the cut—and others don’t.

Data-driven prioritization & “what if” modeling

Obo Plan Optimizer maximizes value against your business drivers while accommodating resource constraints, dependencies, and must-haves. Run “what if” plan scenarios so you can see the impact of feature trade-offs and identify your best product plan.

Fast, focused, integrated stakeholder & market input

Understand your stakeholder and market preferences with Obo Surveys’ built-in on-demand templates designed specifically for product teams. Obo provides vetted market panels from industry-leading market research firms, and best-in-class data cleansing so you get high-quality, statistically valid results.

Searchable system and “audit trail” for products

Capture the data and context that informs the product decision process, so you make it easy for the extended product team to understand what’s behind every feature and product decision.

“We are expanding our use of Obo to employ market-driven approaches within our entire product roadmap. It has a variety of valuable features for a company like C3, which is AI-based and data-driven. Plus, the system provides easy onboarding and highly configurable use cases.” — VP, Product Management

Find your way. Obo product overview

The Obo approach is data driven & backed by best practices honed by experts at creating successful products. We look forward to accompanying you on your product journey.

An Obo field guide

Use drivers to assess and prioritize features

Market signals guide:
Know what signals matter when

Obo’s research with thousands of organizations shows you what market signals to consider at each stage of your product process.

An Obo essential guide

Data guides successful products. Discover the way.

Find your best path to better, faster decisions  and increased product success with this Obo essential guide. Covering all phases of the product journey, this guide defines the market-first approach to product market fit, provides easy-to-follow checklists, and gives you infographic “maps” for key process flows. 


Watch now: A Game of Products

The product journey is arduous. To put your best product forward,TM you must formulate the right strategy, then execute plans while you navigate a challenging landscape, inhabited by myriad stakeholders—each with their own agenda. Be strong. Success is coming.

60 minutes to a better
product plan

14-day trial

Make better product planning decisions in less than an hour. Obo’s 14-day product trial includes a step-by-step checklist designed to help see value and achieve product market fit, fast. Prioritize features, set and rate against objectives, compare scenarios, and validate opinion with fact. We offer a limited number of free trials each month, so request yours now. It’s all you need to put your best product forward.™