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Validate product features with data, not opinion

Optimize your product plans with Plan Optimizer

Obo Plan Optimizer calculates the highest-value set of feature candidates — those most likely to meet your business objectives and market needs — that also aligns with your budget and other constraints. With Plan Optimizer, you can create and compare different plan scenarios side-by-side to see the impact of trade-offs in real time, then present results to your stakeholders. Plan Optimizer’s sophisticated optimization algorithm solves the Traveling Salesman Problem — your spreadsheet can’t keep up.

Key features of Obo Plan Optimizer:
  • Prioritization based on validated data, not whim. You can immediately see the features that provide the highest value using your assessments as well as market, customer, and internal research.
  • Side-by-side what-if comparisons. Understand and explain the impact of feature trade-offs by comparing plan scenarios you generate on the fly. It’s so much easier to get stakeholder buy-in when they understand why their favorite feature didn’t make the cut.
  • Sophisticated optimization algorithm. Plan Optimizer uses an advanced algorithm that accounts for budget, dependencies, and requirements (like non-negotiables due to compliance, commitments, and executive mandates). You just can’t do that on a spreadsheet or a roadmap tool.
  • Optimizes based on your market research. Did research? Plan Optimizer uses it, so your product decisions address market needs.
  • Product plan proposals include the “why.” Obo creates a release plan that includes the “why” behind features that make it, so decisions are memorialized for engineering (why are we building this?), marketing (how should we position and promote?), sales (what will help me sell?), and your other stakeholders.



Sophisticated optimization against business drivers

Product planning is strategic

Plan optimization based on market, customer, and internal preference surveys

Planning is market-first: focuses on needs of the market, customers, and internal teams

Real-time what-if scenario comparisons

Understand the impact of trade-offs against business objectives

Product plan proposal includes the “why”

Get buy-in, spend less time saying “no”

Compare. Optimize. Commit.

Quickly create and compare plan scenarios based on business drivers and preference surveys

Pin features in or out to understand tradeoffs

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Make better product planning decisions in less than an hour. Obo’s 14-day product trial includes a step-by-step checklist designed to help you see value fast. Prioritize features, set and rate against objectives, compare scenarios, and validate opinion with fact. We offer a limited number of free trials each month, so request yours now. It’s all you need to put your best product forward.TM