Feature Funnel

Feature FunnelTM

Manage your Feature FunnelTM to put your best product forwardTM
Gather and curate market and customer ideas—potentially huge numbers of them—and then determine which ones make it into your product plans and releases. Validate potential features based on data from internal and external stakeholders, customers, and your market. Obo helps you identify and prioritize the features most likely to deliver product success while building stakeholder buy-in.
Key features of the Obo Feature FunnelTM
  • Idea capture and curation. Use Obo’s research tools to identify customer and market needs and enter ideas, or import them from other systems. Once ideas are in Obo, you can curate, define in more detail, evaluate, and validate them.
  • From problem space to solution space. Create one or more features from top needs and ideas. Then flesh out solutions.
  • Feature prioritization with consistent drivers. Use consistent drivers aligned with business objectives to evaluate features. Click to run a survey and see how stakeholders evaluate features using those drivers.
  • Feature validation. Use Obo’s built-in surveys to validate features with internal stakeholders, customers, and/or your market. Built-in preference surveys rank features by priority based on survey responses from any or all of these audiences, so you can see what matters most to whom.



Consistent drivers to evaluate impact

Everyone uses clear criteria aligned with business objectives

Ideas captured from multiple sources

Discover needs and trends

Built-in validation tools & surveys

Validate & document needs & solutions

In-context collaboration

Feature evaluation & validation is interactive & participatory

Curate. Validate. Incorporate.

Manage your Feature Funnel,TM from ideas and needs to product plans
Rate feature impact against business drivers
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“Obo provides us with a quantifiable way to measure our top features, and prioritize new ones so our product team is never left guessing.” — Sr. Product Manager


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The product journey is arduous. To put your best product forward,TM you must formulate the right strategy, then execute plans while you navigate a challenging landscape, inhabited by myriad stakeholders—each with their own agenda. Be strong. Success is coming.