System of Record

System of Record

Capture the “why” behind product decisions

With Obo, you retain the data that informs your product decisions, such as internal and external research, feedback, and comments on potential features and release scenarios. Your extended product team can access the information that informs decisions.

Key features of Obo System of Record:

  • Store and share information that informs product decisions. When you use Obo to get feedback from internal stakeholders, customers, and your market, that data is in the Obo System of Record, always actionable when you need it.

  • Immediate access to the “why.” After product planning decisions are made, teams that deliver on those decisions—engineering, marketing, customer success, and others—can access background information they need to do a better job and put your best product forward.

  • Record of anticipated impact. When you choose features for release based on their expected impact against your business objectives, you can quantify expected results, measure actual results, and compare them. Only then can you improve not only your product decision process but also your product plan execution.

  • Audit trail of product planning decisions. What you include in key releases—and why—is information core to your product and intellectual property. With Obo, you have a record of decisions, supporting data, and expected impact of features that end up in your product.



Record of anticipated feature impact

You can tie actual results to expected outcomes

Surveys, feedback, and other research captured in one place

Everyone who needs it can access supporting data behind decisions

Product decision collaboration stored in context

You build buy-in

Capture. Share. Inform.

Retain research, surveys, and feedback for access during future-product plans
Retain and search features that didn’t make ‘the cut’ in the past, but could sometime soon
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