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Resolve Conflicting Priorities with Built-in Buy-in


Tough trade-offs call for clear priorities


Product Teams have to resolve conflicting priorities from customers, but also from engineering, sales, execs, partners - the list goes on. You make tough trade-offs all the time, but you also have to build stakeholder buy-in to get the support you need. Managing the drama can be harder than managing the product.


Obo Priority™ helps you resolve conflicting priorities while making a powerful case for your decisions. Gather rich market data without having to be a market research expert. Build buy-in and support with fast feedback from stakeholders— not more meetings. With just a few clicks, run pre-built, patent-pending Obo Value Surveys™ to gather everyone’s input on priorities. Compare points of view and use the combined Obo Value™ to guide your priorities. Then share results so everyone understands what matters most and why. That's built-in buy-in


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Get Fast Feedback

Get fast feedback from colleagues and customers with Obo's pre-built, patent-pending Obo Value Surveys. Import or enter your items, specify who you want feedback from - both internal and external - and launch. Obo Priority does all of the work for you, from building and managing the surveys, to analyzing the results. Engaged stakeholders lead to more support for your plans - and avoid surprises in those planning meetings. 

Built-in buy-in, fewer meetings, no objections. 🙌

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Prioritize Issues in Jira 

Easily import issues from Jira Cloud. Then use the built-in value surveys to get stakeholder preferences and buy-in. Once complete, update Jira issues with your priorities and market values based on stakeholder feedback. If you can log into Jira Cloud, you're ready to go. Set-up is simple and secure - no Jira admin required. Woohoo!  🚀

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Compare Points of View

Compare your stakeholders' and customers' points of view side by side. Obo displays survey results in real time for easy comparison and sorting.

Think of it as empathy made actionable. 😘

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Resolve Conflicts with Data

The Obo Value score quantifies results across multiple stakeholders to help you resolve conflicts and explain your choices. You can weight respondents — for example, if your point of view counts for more than the VP Sales, because you're the domain expert. 



Obo Value Surveys™

Get fast feedback from colleagues and customers with Obo's pre-built, patent-pending Obo Value Surveys. Run advanced product-specific surveys with just a few clicks, then see responses as they come in. Stakeholders engage and are part of the process, so you build buy-in with fewer meetings while making your case for tough trade-offs.



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Build buy-in and support with fast feedback from stakeholders—not more meetings. With just a few clicks, run pre-built Obo Value Surveys™ to gather everyone’s input on priorities. 


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Obo Organize is pretty amazing. Combining sizing, planning, and stakeholder feedback is huge.
Catherine Henn
VP of Product Management
Obo enabled us to directly tie customer needs to feature improvements, enabling more educated product decisions and resource commitments.
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Houman Behzadi
Chief Product Officer
Obo Tracker’s ability to configure my own Jira alerts - you sold me on that feature alone
Diane Metzger
Project Manager
The value of Obo lies in having data to back up your product release plan that you can then share with peers and executives to communicate why these features should be launched in this order. Those conversations are much easier when they're based on data.
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Brian Peck
VP of Product Management
I can see all of my PMs using Obo Tracker every morning – it lets them know at a glance what is going on in Engineering.
Dave McCann