Obo Value Surveys

Get Feedback, Compare Perspectives, Build Buy-in




Fast feedback that builds buy-in

Based on our experience as Product Managers and our research with thousands of PMs, we’ve learned that the best way to build support for your plans is to get stakeholder input in advance. With Obo Value Surveys, your stakeholders participate early in the process—without more meetings. 


Obo Value Surveys use patent-pending technology that's easier, faster, and more accurate than traditional methods of ranking, voting, feature poker, etc. They're pre-built, so you run them with just a few clicks. 


Try Obo Value Surveys in Obo Priority, where you can gather fast feedback, compare results side by side, and use consolidated, weighted Obo Values for each item you're considering.


When you use Obo Organize, you're just one click away from Obo Priority and fast feedback. Obo Organize displays Obo Priority results so you can plan with data.