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Obo Product Cloud security overview



Built to meet the toughest requirements

At Obo, we understand that data security, confidentiality, and privacy are paramount and work with customers that have some of the most stringent security requirements. Whether you’re an enterprise or a startup, Obo Product Cloud provides every organization with the same enterprise-class security capabilities and services.

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Your data is yours

Only you—and those you grant access to your Obo instance—can view the data that you put into Obo. Neither Obo nor any of its partners or affiliates have access to your data or Obo instance. Export your data from Obo at any time.


End-to-end encryption

Security of your data is our top priority, which is why we encrypt all data that is sent to, pulled from, and stored in our system. Data in transit is encrypted with TLS 1.2. Data at rest is encrypted with AES-256.


Built on AWS

Obo Product Cloud is built on the Amazon Web Services (AWS), a global leader in cloud security. Obo uses the following AWS services:

EC2 The Obo Product Cloud software application runs in a private IP address space in EC2 behind an elastic load balancer. All production data is archived during upgrades to protect against data loss.
S3 All attachments, including Obo items, are stored in S3 in a fully-encrypted RDS.
VPC Obo runs within an AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), behind a security group with strict firewall rules in accordance with AWS security and privacy best practices.
WAF Obo uses AWS web application firewall (WAF) to detect and protect against malicious web requests.

Learn more about cloud security in AWS here.


Securely connect to Jira

Obo offers you the ability to connect to one or more of your Jira projects to easily organize, validate, cost, and prioritize your Jira issues. Obo uses 3-legged OAuth 2.0 for Jira integration and supports both cloud and on-prem Jira instances. Your data is always secured using industry-leading encryption—both in transit (with TLS 1.2) and at rest (with AES-256).

If you use Jira Software hosted in the Atlassian cloud, Obo connects directly with your Atlassian instance(s). If you use Jira Software Server on your own server(s), Obo integrates using either white-listed IP addresses or a proxy server.

Learn more about Jira integration with Obo.

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Houman Behzadi, Chief Product Officer
The value of Obo lies in having data to back up your product release plan that you can then share with peers and executives to communicate why these features should be launched in this order. Those conversations are much easier when they're based on data.
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