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Welcome to a new era of product management

In a world of fast-changing requirements and tough trade-offs, disconnected tools like spreadsheets, slide decks, and notes apps just can't keep up. It's time for a shift—it's time for agile product management with Obo.

Obo Product Cloud helps product teams easily gather, organize, and validate requirements from multiple sources and create winning product plans and roadmaps based on data—all while monitoring progress and responding to change.


Gather planning items in one place

Get started by bringing your planning items—epics, features, whatever you're planning—into Obo. Automatically pull in your backlog with Jira integration. Or import your data from spreadsheets. Export out of Obo anytime—your data is yours.


Involve the team

Teamsource value and cost estimates for features you're considering. See individual results and create a composite, weighted score based on who said what. Not only will you get better estimates, you'll also build buy-in. 


Ask your customers and the market to weigh in

Still unsure if you should build a certain feature? Launch a survey to customers or your market when you need more information to make choices—input is just a click a way. Obo also gives you direct access to vetted market panels you choose based on demographics and firmographics.


Prioritize and plan

Start with a draft plan and see how that plan would change if it were up to your stakeholders, customers, and the market. Use any or all of these points of view to prioritize and plan. See recommendations, and even plan multiple milestones at once.


Adapt quickly to change

Change happens: New requirements, delays, executive mandates. See the impact of trade-offs and changes before you commit. Get Obo recommendations on the highest-impact ways to update plans. Then update your roadmap with one click.


See the big picture

Get a complete view of your product plan with dynamic roadmaps. Track progress at the level you care about. With Obo, you have visibility into what's in the planning pipeline, what's on roadmaps, and why. Obo even helps manage interdependencies between products and teams.

Obo's embedded surveys enable us to directly tie customer needs to feature improvements, enabling more educated product decisions and resource commitments.
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Houman Behzadi, Chief Product Officer
The value of Obo lies in having data to back up your product release plan that you can then share with peers and executives to communicate why these features should be launched in this order. Those conversations are much easier when they're based on data.
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Brian Peck
Zimperium, VP Product Management

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