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Gather the data you need, from the people that matter, so you can make the tough trade-offs and plan your roadmap.


Discover what people need

Discover the value of potential features to your internal stakeholders, customers, and your target markets with click-and-launch preference surveys. Obo's surveys are prebuilt, and results are presented in an easy-to-communicate format. 


Get better cost estimates, faster

Ask your team what they think features will cost with a click-and-launch costing survey. Start with simple t-shirt sizes or get number estimates in whatever cost group you'd like.


Ensure business alignment

Rate the expected impact of potential features against your company and product drivers, objectives, and KPIs. Ask your stakeholders to weigh in as well with click-and-launch feature rating surveys.


Go beyond surveys

Surveys are great for input at scale, but they don't tell the whole story. Store or link to your interviews, notes, and user testing videos in Obo so you can always get the full picture.


Create responsive roadmaps

Use survey results to automatically generate points of view based on the different perspectives of different groups. Prioritize your plan and instantly create a dynamic roadmap for your product. Your data is just a click away, so you'll always be ready to explain the tough decisions.

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