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Make the tough calls easier

Most product managers don't lack for great ideas or suggestions for what to put into their products. The hard part is making tough trade-offs when resources are limited, and you can't build them all. Obo helps you determine what to build when.


Gather your items to plan

Get started by bringing your planning items—epics, features, whatever you're planning—into Obo. Automatically pull in your backlog with Jira integration. It’s also easy to import your data from spreadsheets. Export out of Obo anytime—your data is yours.


Get consistent value and cost estimates

Use Obo Quick Assess to estimate the value and cost of potential features—data you can use to make tough trade-offs. Using proven algorithms, Obo provides you with a ranked list of values and t-shirt-style cost estimates formula for the features you’re considering. You can also use your own priorities such as P0 - P4.


Involve the team

Teamsource value and cost estimates for features you're considering. See individual results and create a composite, weighted score based on who said what. Not only will you get better estimates, you'll also build buy-in.


Ask your customers and the market to weigh in

Still unsure if you should build a certain feature? Launch a survey to customers or your market when you need more information to make choices—input is just a click a way. Obo also gives you direct access to vetted market panels you choose based on demographics and firmographics.


Prioritize and plan

Start with a draft plan of one or more milestones and see how that plan would change if it were up to your stakeholders, customers, and the market. Use any or all of these points of view to help you prioritize. Get recommendations based on feature value and cost (plus constraints like budget and dependencies). 

Obo's embedded surveys enable us to directly tie customer needs to feature improvements, enabling more educated product decisions and resource commitments.
Houman Behzadi, Chief Product Officer

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