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You've got a great product team—but do you have the visibility and consistency you need?

When everyone does things a different way in different tools, it's hard to know if planning and releases are on track. Or if customer, stakeholder, and market needs are being addressed. Or if dependencies are going to cause issues late in the game.

Get visibility into product planning and progress. Obo supports planning at any level, from a single product manager up to large organizations with multiple product managers who need to coordinate.

Guide your team toward a more consistent and effective process—at your own pace. Welcome to agile product management.


See the big picture

Get a complete view of the team's product plans with dynamic roadmaps.  With Obo, you have visibility into the planning pipeline, what's planned, and why. Track progress at the level you care about and know sooner if an important feature is at risk. 



Align with business goals

Help your team understand and align with business goals using consistent KPIs or OKRs. Your product managers can use Obo to gather stakeholder input on impact against goals to build buy-in and make informed decisions and trade-offs.


Create data-driven roadmaps

Take your team from spreadsheets and slides to dynamic roadmaps that win approval and show the why behind the tough decisions and trade-offs. 

Want to see details about top deals? Revenue impact? Competitive advantage? Risk? You got it.

Obo's embedded surveys enable us to directly tie customer needs to feature improvements, enabling more educated product decisions and resource commitments. logo
Houman Behzadi, Chief Product Officer
The value of Obo lies in having data to back up your product release plan that you can then share with peers and executives to communicate why these features should be launched in this order. Those conversations are much easier when they're based on data.
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Brian Peck, Chief Product Officer

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