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Mike Dupuy

We’re launching our company and new product this month in the emerging product decision system space, addressing the pressing need to build better products in less time and at lower costs. Obo is a new product, so it’s highly likely that our target customers don’t know exactly what to expect. To make it easier, we decided to use Pendo to create in-product guides that help customers find their way.

Challenge: Getting to value, fast

It’s easy to get excited about describing product benefits to encourage trial sign-up and conversion. But actions speak louder than words. The best way to convince trial users to buy your product is to help them get real value, even in a short amount of time.

Obo solves a big problem – guiding product teams to make the best decisions about what’s in their product plans and on their roadmaps. And we’re coming to market with a rich feature base, not all of which is easy to try out in a short time. We wanted to find a way to make it easier for potential customers to see value in using Obo.

Obo helps you manage your Feature Funnel™, validate assumptions with targeted stakeholder and market research, rate and prioritize features, model “what if” release plan scenarios before committing resources, collaborate across the entire product team, and track product decisions with a comprehensive system of record. That’s a lot – too much for busy product people to “get” in one sitting.

So we conceived of 60 Minutes to better product plan™, a focused, fast path through Obo that guides our trial customers to value in an hour or less. We mapped out the steps to a better product plan™ and timed them (yes, 60 minutes is easily achievable). Then we needed a friendly, super helpful, and scalable way to guide and teach users along the way, within Obo. Yet, like so many start-ups, we didn’t have extra development resources dedicated to helping us do this.

Solution: Creating a guide

We originally chose Pendo for its product analytics, but we soon found that their walk-through guides could provide the personalized experience that would engage our trial customers and help them get to value. Furthermore, we loved that, like Obo, Pendo is all about using data for good. As they say on their website, “Pendo brings together qualitative customer feedback and quantitative product usage data to help you understand how users engage with your products and where they find frustration and delight.”

We are using Pendo to guide our trial customers through the 60 Minutes to a better product plan™ program. It starts with a welcome message for first-time users that shows them where to find Obo’s Quick Start Checklist.

Our Quick Start Checklist has four steps:

  • Set up your drivers
  • Import feature candidates
  • Rate features against drivers
  • Create plan scenarios

Each is a guide that walks users through the clicks and data entry to complete the step. It shows your progress and is always there so you can go back to a step you completed or dismissed. When you complete the last step, we use a Pendo survey to get feedback on the usefulness of the guides, and we’ll use that feedback to improve them.

Our initial tests with new trial participants showed that our guides help them get started and get to value faster. They completed their initial plans in 60 minutes, no problem. We also learned valuable lessons from seeing where these early adopters got stuck, or found things difficult to do, and we’ve fed that information back into both our guides and to our development team so we can improve overall usability.

Using Pendo, we can not only analyze product usage, we can also analyze Pendo guide usage. So we can correct any issues immediately. As a new company bringing a new product to market, Obo is focusing on customer on-boarding and understanding usability. We want to help our customers make better product decisions so that they can put their best products forward. And we want them to enjoy the product journey with Obo. Pendo helps us achieve both objectives.

If you’d like to try Obo and get to a better product plan in less than an hour, go here. Please share your feedback so we can continue to improve Obo and deliver better customer experiences.also 

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